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As a public rape survivor I’ve dealt with online bullying, name calling, and threats on a regular basis. However, there is nothing more disturbing for me than receiving rape threats. 

Threats of rape are used intentionally to terrorize women into submission and silence. Twitter bullies use rape threats because they know it instills a level of fear in women that can only rival the threat of murder. We cannot as a global society accept this kind of behavior.

Twitter has block and mute features, but they’re not enough. They don't stop the threats, and they do nothing to stop Twitter from being a platform that fosters violence against women. We know that there are hundreds of thousands of users who have made these threats. I'm all for free speech, but threatening rape and the brutal violation of another's body is NOT something we should protect.

Click the link below to sign this pledge and stand with me in urging Twitter to begin a large scale shutdown of accounts that tweet rape threats. It’s time for Twitter to send the message to their users that the platform will not be used to promote threats of rape.

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